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Night Market, Runways, & Art Fit to Wear

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Is it art or fashion? That is what viewers ask themselves upon seeing Juxtapose, the new exhibit at CoXist Studios, on view at Honolulu Night Market tonight.

Juxtapose is an art and fashion exhibit about urban transformation expressed through wearable art. It features creations from 10 established and upcoming artists who used materials from urban life that were found, used, or discarded from the city. These garments and accessories are displayed alongside a visual design by local artist Aisis Chen, aluminum ornament dresses by mixed media artist Jen Thario, and a custom installation by sculptor, designer, performance artist, and juror for this show, Robert Reed.

Only recently has fashion been recognized as art worthy of museum exhibitions, according to Reed.

“Unlike runway shows that sell the clothes, an exhibit (like Juxtapose) celebrates them and gives them a narrative”, he says. “By abstracting and putting them in a different context, you see them, their inspiration and creativity. I personally consider wearable art an extension of sculpture.”

Juxtapose aims to portray urban life using many different inspirations, while bringing fashion to items some may have never considered. Materials for the wearables range from bottle caps to shredded basketballs and even live plants. Some of the garments will be for sale, with 100 percent of the profit going towards the designers.

And tonight, while you’re at Night Market (which is themed around the runway to celebrate Hawaii Fashion Month), be sure to check out the fashion show styled by Honolulu Magazine/Honolulu Shops fashion editors Brie Thalmann and Stacey Makiya. They teamed up with Neiman Marcus’s contemporary women’s department, CUSP, to style 15 outfits featuring Alexander McQueen, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Diane von Furstenberg, and more.

It all starts at 6pm tonight—here’s the rundown—on the Block F section of Auahi Street in Kakaako.

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